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The Meadowlark Initiative 

The Initiatives Goals

  • Enhance, restore, and sustain native grassland in North Dakota.

  • Promote and create healthy, thriving grasslands for native pollinators, wildlife, ranchers, and communities. 

 The Initiatives Elements

  • Supporting ranching

  • Establish Grasslands

  • Offset development impacts

  • Promote social benefits

  • Advance science and education

  • Support pollinators 

Ecological Insights Roles

Ecological Insights is working with the meadowlark initiative to provide soil health and carbon testing services. 

We provide for free to Meadowlark participants

  • Soil carbon and organic matter measurements

  • Depth of soil carbon

  • Land management and soil carbon comparisons

  • Consultations with soil scientist

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For more information, please contact Abrielle at:

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