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What is the Native American Fiber Program?

The Native American Fiber Program supports the communities and practitioners of Indigenous place-based fiber practices as well as supporting the production of fibers. Its mission is to perpetuate Indigenous fiber knowledge, arts, and economic opportunities while using regenerative agriculture methods to increase land health. 

Some of the Fiber Programs GOals are:

  • Cut plastic pollution with the use of more environmentally friendly fibers.

  • Support disadvantaged, low-income, and rural communities hurt most by the impacts of plastic waste

Green Buffalo Hemp

The Green Buffalo Hemp is a model for sustainability focusing on growth and development using hemp growth cycles and buffalo grazing practices for increased carbon sequestration. This model uses community well beings as its guiding principles. 

hemp flowers.webp

Ecological Insights Roles

Ecological Insights is working with the Turtle Mountain Band Chippewa to help develop their Buffalo Hemp program. We are working together to develop a regenerative agriculture program to increase the sequestration of carbon from the environment into the soil using hemp fields and buffalo grazing. 

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