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Ecological Insights is currently working with partners on multiple different projects. 

Energy, Grazers, and Carbon

Ecological Insights is working in partnership with multiple organizations as well as ranchers to determine the impact of grazing on the uptake of carbon in grasslands.  We hope to develop a model that ranchers and investors can use to determine the net carbon uptake in grasslands. It is our hope that this can be used to increase the value of grasslands. 

Meadowlark Initiative 

Ecological Insights in partnership with North Dakota Game and Fish, the NRCS, Ducks Unlimited, the North Dakota Natural Resources Trust, and more are working to promote and create healthy, thriving grasslands that provide biodiversity and prosperity for wildlife, pollinators, ranching operations and communities by supporting ranching, establishing grasslands, offsetting developmental impacts, promoting societal benefits, and advancing science and education.

Turtle Mountain Buffalo Hemp Project

Ecological Insights is working with the Turtle Mountain Band Chippewea on their hemp fiber program. This project is based on indigenous models of sustainability. The goal of the project is to use the growth of hemp and the grazing of Buffalo to increase Carbon sequestration. 

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Our Current Projects!

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